Homeschool Methods

Is there a "right" way to homeschool?

Well... think about:


how an artist paints,

a gardener arranges flowers in her garden,

a poet decides which words to use,

or a child says "I Love You."

Different people have their own way of doing things and you can still end up with a beautiful picture, flower garden, poem, or symbol of love (hand-drawn picture, hug, kisses). 

Don't try to pattern your educational environment at home after anyone else's - including mine!!  We have gone through periods where we've used all the different school models and quite honestly, none is better than another, BUT there are periods of your life when one method might work better than another method.  This means that what works well for you when your children are in kindergarten may no longer work well when you have middle school aged students.

Just remember to pray, allow yourself a lot of grace, and be willing to change if something isn't working for your family.



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